To help companies and lenders achieve their project financing goals complying with international standards (IFC World Bank, Equator Principles):

Social Risk Impact Assessment (SIA) and Management, Sustainable financing and project development, Social Due Diligence (Acquisition DD, Vendor DD, red-flags and gap analysis assessment, Social Action Plans development and implementation), Social risks, impacts, and plans monitoring for lenders and project sponsors, Development and Implementation of Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS).

Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement (including Indigenous Peoples), Stakeholder Engagement Plans, Community Benefit Sharing Programs, Community Liaison, and Community Grievance Mechanism development and management.

To help projects obtain and maintain their social license to operate, minimizing social/community impacts and supporting projects’ performance:

Capacity building activities, consultations, focus groups, communications, CSR strategies, community relations, negotiations, conflict resolutions, EPC and contractors relationship management.

Resource allocation for community support, implementation of benefit sharing programs, multi actor round tables management.

To help organizations develop:

Employee Satisfaction Survey, Team Building/Social Team Building, Cultural change, CSR strategies, Management leverage, Corporate Volunteering, Communications strategies, Trainings, Organizational Design, Onboarding.