CSR Strategies: To have a sustainable and profitable business, and a better social and economic performance.

Strategic Philanthropy: To assign your resources to support the community and environment based on your know how.

Environmental and Social Management Systems: To confer your project social and community impact analysis and risk mitigation measures and assure international standard compliance (IFC World Bank, ISO), including Indigenous Peoples.

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement: To provide social license to operate to your business; building transparent relationships and dialogue with a win-win approach. Consultancies, development, and implementation.

Corporate Volunteering: To respond to your employees’ needs and to connect with your community by giving back.

Training Workshops: Capacity building, communications, social impact and risk management, CSR, community relations, engagement, leadership, motivation, conflict resolution, international standards, and more.

Corporate Communications: Because ‘one cannot not communicate’; communication has to be managed effectively and strategically.

Team Building: To strengthen relationships; because teamwork is essential for a positive organizational culture and working effectiveness.

Organizational Design and Culture: Because vision, mission, values and the organizational structure are the pillars that support and guide your way.

Management Leverage: Because talents have to be worked to become a skill. Polish your communication, leadership, motivation, relationship building, engaging, and soft skills.

Employee Satisfaction Survey: To listen to your people, know the culture, boost job satisfaction & increase productivity.

Candidate Review and Onboarding: To oversee if the candidate fits your culture and shares your organizational design.

Focus Groups: As a tool to listen, get to the core of what you want to know and act accordingly.