About you

If you

  • Think your company needs a strong vision and it’s ready to transform itself
  • Need to redirect your company’s direction
  • Want to know where your are and the development opportunities you have
  • Want to create a better working environment
  • Want to develop your leadership skills
  • Want to know how your people think and feel
  • Want to bring new and fresh air to your company
  • Understand we are under constant change
  • Want to change
  • Need to change
  • Believe your company drives its strategy because of its people
  • Want to increase productivity
  • Need to increase motivation
  • Want to dialogue and engage with your stakeholders: community, government, clients, suppliers, employees
  • Have the will to give back to society
  • Want to connect your people with the local community
  • Think your people have to develop more skills and have the capacity to do so
  • Think relationships are essential to build integrity


Then you want to create a cultural transformation. And cultural transformations happen when and with behavior changes. To change behavior you need to understand it.

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